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How And Where To Properly Insure The Car

Car Insurance – a topic is quite complicated and sometimes even introducing a very smart and organized the people into a state of stupor.

Reason one – stereotypes

The purpose of this article is to show that the car insurance – it is not difficult, but on the contrary – simply and generally pretty fast.

We just need to only observe a number of rules.

How And Where To Properly Insure The Car

How And Where To Properly Insure The Car

Rule number One Choose the right company!

The insurance company should have as long as possible in the market – this will give you at least some assurance that the company will not go away and will not go bankrupt.

The companies, leading to the existence of pre-revolutionary times, to believe, on the contrary, it is not necessary, but the actual period of work can be found on the market.

If it is more than 10 years – and you can use their services, but be prepared for the fact that prices will be higher by 5-10 percent.

Furthermore term presence in the market, there are other criteria. For owners of the vehicles are the most critical:

  1. The presence in the company of Insurance Commissioners and the speed of their arrival at the scene of an accident. Often insurance commissioners are mediocre lawyers, the formation of which can greatly help in contacts with representatives of the traffic police is still in the early stages. Of course, this service is not free, but in case of problems with the law, it pays for itself very well;
  2. The presence in the company of professional lawyers, assisting in the collection and submission of documents to the traffic police. Again, this saves you from having a very large number of problems and, possibly, from additional costs. In contrast to the previous point, this solution is more common and sometimes even included in the basic insurance package. However, even if this is not the case, the acquisition of this service is worth considering;
  3. The ability to carry out the payment of small lesions without certificates from the traffic police. This is very important as most often for minor traffic accident and suffer a little glass box less. If the damage is minimal, most companies pay them adequate without question (the usual solution: all the glass, plus damage to the body are not more than 5% of the cost car), but there are those that will require a certificate for every scratch;
  4. Efficiency of redress. The normal solution is to damages for 7-12 days. Of course, this is not for 2-3 days, in some western companies, but on the other hand, they have a much higher price;
  5. Remote settlement of losses. A very useful option that allows you to send the car to the service center, even if the certificate from the insurance company yet, and thus save yourself a couple of days.

In addition, you should pay attention to the car’s depreciation policy – most insurance companies reduce the estimated cost over time.

Relatively normal solution is 20% in the first year, 15% in the second and 10% in the next years.

However, some companies are playing on the ignorance of customers and adjusted this setting to 20-30%, which devalues your car (and reduces the size of their payments) more quickly.

Also pay attention to the procedure for making insurance premium – often companies offer a variety of options, from one-stage payment to life tariff.

What to choose – you decide, but if you can not pay all at once, the interest-free installments may well be enough reason to prefer one another company.

In addition, many insurance companies offer special conditions for those who spoke to them from the site or through a central office, as well as several car owners or motorists with great experience who do not have the history of fines and offenses.

However, the reverse process: many companies check whether this has already been paid to the owner of the sums insured, and if the amount is more specific (each company sets its depending on their volumes, financial reserves and the willingness to take risks), the cost of insurance to increase slightly.

In addition, the reason for increasing the amount of insurance premiums may be the fact that the policyholder was responsible for an accident.

Rule Number Two Do Not Trust Advertising!

Television advertising claims that CASCO – it is the best type of car insurance, and it is generally right.

But best of all does not mean the best for you.

So learn all the details of the contract and booklets of the company – it is possible that it also has a preferred type of insurance.

For example, the high cost of hull insurance is so high simply because this tariff plan takes into account all possible risks.

However, many companies provide and a cheaper tariff packages, which do not have those items hull that unprofitable company.

If you are the driver neat, then you too often they are not needed, so that everybody wins.

But if not … believe me, it is better to pay the insurers.

Rule number Three Check The Insurance Against Theft

Car insurance from theft and from theft – are two different things, and in this you should make when reading the insurance contract.

Some companies put in the contracts only one point – “theft” and enjoy naive inexperienced drivers.

But if given the two points – it can be a great reason for choosing this company.

You, of course, ask what is the difference between these points.

So, hijacking – a hijacking cars for any reason not related to personal gain.

If a group of teenagers hijacking your car and smash him in the woods – it’s stealing.

A theft implies that the hijacker anything with this poimeet.

If your car get stolen and then sold – it will be theft.

Insurance companies have successfully used the difference between the two legal concepts in order to evade payment.

However, as we have already mentioned, it is possible to give up some points Casco, including from such as “theft” and “stealing”, which will reduce the size of your insurance premiums, but will make you more vulnerable.

As you can see, using only three rules, you can easily insure your car.

However, add to it another, unofficial.

Once identified with the insurance company, check its reputation on the Internet and chat with those who already use its services.

Sometimes you can learn a lot of new and very interesting information, and not in favor of the company.

But if your choice was a success and this test, and it suits you financially …

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect option!

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