Information about the workshop in Singapore

Car Service is set of maintenance or repair work carried out in regular time interval or after the car has travelled certain distance. It’s normally carried out the car manufacturer in their authorized service center. Apart from that there will be reputed car workshop in Singapore where they can get the car Serviced or repaired. Each and every maintenance activity is recorded and stamped by the workshop. A well maintained service report will add the re sale value of the car. The actual schedule of car maintenance varies depending on the year, make, and model of a car, its driving conditions and driver behaviour. Car makers recommend the so-called extreme or the ideal service schedule based on impact parameters such as distance travelled conditions in which the travel was made and load carried against the load prescribed. To keep your car running at peak efficiency and extend the life of your car, there are several car maintenance measures that you should routinely undertake .Also normal wear and tear which you think may not cause much problem will slowly turn into bigger issue if it’s not noted and rectified in time. Hence it is important to find out more about car battery Singapore.

Normally the following activities will be carried out in scheduled maintenance apart from the specific problem informed by the person. Changing the engine oil, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, carbon filter, checking the brake fluid, clutch fluid, checking the tire condition, checking brake disks, brake pad, clutch pad, brake lines and replacing the spark plugs. Click on the following link to find more about car tyres. They also will check the level of fluid in automatic transmission system and will refill if it necessary. Proper functioning of lights, wipers will be tested and corrected. They also need to check the wheel alignment in addition to this. Some of the workshops check the air-condition systems of the car as added services. Some reputed car workshops in Singapore offer on the spot services for minor repairs which will be carried out by their roaming team. They also offer services like towing the broken down car to their workshop and then carrying out repair activities. Mechanical parts that may cause the car to cease transmission or prove unsafe for the road are also noted and advised upon. Click on the link to find out more about mobile car battery.

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