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Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Accident insurance can not be compared and considered a similar service health insurance, which guarantees only emergency care involving physician. Medical insurance accident entitles its owner to calculate for a full refund in the event of disability – and this means, at times, tens of thousands of dollars. The percentage of compensation depends on how serious the injury was, and is calculated according to a special tariff table.

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Buy accident insurance must be a man going to any tourist trip, because on arrival the recovery period after illness may never end. Most likely, you will need to visit the doctor in the clinic and its strictly implement all its recommendations and destination. If the injury was serious, it is inevitable, and the additional costs of transportation of the patient to the hospital (and vice versa) and to support. Travel accident insurance can come in handy, and the child’s mother, accidentally injured on vacation. Upon arrival from a trip he will need care and who, if not the mother, will open a medical certificate. Financial compensation for all expenses and will incur medical accident insurance. That is why tourists must enclose two of the insurance contract, independent of each other.

The Cost Of The Proposed Services For Accident Insurance

At the cost of insurance against accidents is influenced by many factors. Here are the main ones:

  1. The duration of travel.
  2. Age and assess the state of health tourists.
  3. The country (or countries) in which the tourist will go (the policyholder).
  4. The purpose of the trip.

The approximate cost of accident insurance of $ 1-2 per day. But we must remember that if you leave you are going to a very active vacation: scuba diving (scuba diving), rafting on mountain river (rafting) or embark on a mountain skiing, then the cost of insurance will increase – agree that the risk of injury is very high in this dynamic pastime. Furthermore, it is seen that in India more tourists sick than, for example, in Swiss safe, but in the first case it is less costly treatment.

Thus, higher tariffs for accident insurance provides: for the elderly; very young travelers (children); fans of extreme relaxation and athletes, as well as those who suffer from any chronic nature of the disease. But there is good news: for departing in groups there are discounts. The fee for insurance depends on the duration of the trip in terms of day: the longer it is, the amount of the insurance is less than one day. Insurance in such a colorful country like Thailand for a certain number of days will be a tourist for less than insurance in distant America or Switzerland stable (for the same number of days). All pricing is for the insurance is very well painted in the tables of tariffs. The calculation of the amount that will need to pay for an insurance policy against accidents, always conducted in the presence of the insured.

Each insurer has its own special payout table on which the tourist will be obliged to compensate the damage suffered due to a temporary disability or severe loss of health.

Insurance Payments

When an insured event occurs, when the tourists have to compensate for the costs due to the injury, as well as due to disability, paid a sum of money based on the severity of the disease. A person who as a result of the accident received a disability group 1 will receive 100% of the amount of insurance (it can be as high as the $ 1000, and 10 000 US dollars or more on choosing a tourist). For disability Group 2 is offset 75% of the sum insured; 3 groups of disability insurer is obliged to pay 60% of the affected. Slight damage to health is estimated at 30% of the sum insured. The relatives of the deceased in an accident will get the full amount of the insurance policy.

How To Get Insurance Payment

Refunds affected by the accident – which occur not as rare as we would like – is paid only for the given documents of some form. These include: an extract from a medical card, a certificate of incapacity for work, the conclusion of the medical commission (medical examination.). In the case of fatal relatives of the insured must bring a notarized copy of his death, an official statement from the police report and a statement from a medical card.

Exceptions That Happen With Payments On Insurance

Going on vacation, tourists should observe all possible safety precautions. No matter how much it costs accident insurance, the insurance cover will not work, if the tourist injured by being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic effects. Any intentional sabotage yourself, and even more so, the suicide attempt will not be deemed valid and compensable. Under the insurance case and do not fall face shrunken behind the wheel of a car in a drunken state and got virtually fault of their own, in an unpleasant situation (an accident). If a tourist, seeing prohibitory sign due to possible shark attacks, you still climb into the water, then he, too, albeit only rely on their own strength, without compensation from the insurer.

In general, before you visit a particular country, it is necessary to carefully study the slightest danger that may lie in wait for travelers in an unfamiliar place. For example, Cuba in August, is famous for its “Portuguese boat” – so called small marine animals that resemble jellyfish, and very painful stinging people with their tentacles (reaching 10 and even 50 meters in length). From poisonous touch such interesting at first glance, the creatures can easily get a painful shock that threatens to paralysis of muscles. It is necessary to be afraid “of the Portuguese ships” and on land – even dry, they are poisonous and can bring people from the “system” for a few days. Therefore, seeing the forbidding bathing (and even a simple dipping in water) a red flag on the beach, do not go to sea. Ignoring this sign, you should be ready to failure on the part of the insurance company to pay you compensation for the accident: in fact it could not be !

Do not interfere with care and tourists strolling along mountain paths, on which there are plates with a warning about the dangers due to avalanches, landslides and stones etc. It is necessary to postpone the study tour in any country where currently occur hostilities, armed conflicts, riots, natural disasters, including infectious epidemic. Not the fact that you can make the payment of the sum insured, if you get injured while participating in fights and other offenses related to the risk of their lives. Aggravating circumstance would be the fact that the policyholder was in a strong nervous and mental strain. For the insured event is not to be considered a reason and will likely failure.

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